If you’re interested in how the US Mint is doing selling mint bullion coins, CoinNews.net has some interesting charts for you.

They present charts for both bullion and numismatic coins. Their summary:

“Demand for United States Mint numismatic coins picked up for a second straight week, but interest in bullion coins was limited.”

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the statistics is that Gold Eagle bullion sales represented the lowest monthly total since June 2008: in fact, Gold Eagle bullion totaled just 41,500 ounces, which is certainly a significant decline from July’s 152,000 ounces sold.

Although I love numismatic coins, I truly believe that if your interest is in using gold as an inflation hedge — or if you’re a beginner — it’s important to stay with bullion.

Now, many people don’t know what mint bullion is. I’ve written an article that provides a straightforward explanation of exactly what mint bullion is, with some interesting trivia thrown in.

One nice thing about the post from CoinNews.net is that you can see the results of lots of different coins. I think you’ll find the chart, American Bullion Coin Sales, to be most interesting.

39,000 American Eagle Gold 1 oz coins were sold in August, bringing the 2010 totals to 805,000. Fractional coins are shown on the chart.

2,391,000 American Eagle Silver 1 oz were sold in August, bringing the 2010 totals to 23,540,500. They gained the most, as typical.

Do you prefer bullion or numismatic coins? Or are you confused? Let us know by commenting below.