Yesterday I read a three articles on claiming investors are panicked. It made me wonder — are they? Is the price of gold a good indicator of panic? And how would we know one way or the other?

The first article was on Business Insider. It’s called: Stocks Are Snoozing, But Yen And Gold Action Shows The Real Panic Behind The Scenes.

The author, Joe Weisenthal, writes:

“Stocks are flat for the day. Fine… But behind the scenes it’s panic. We already mentioned the gold spike. It’s now at $1270.”

Weisenthal goes on to describe how the yen keeps crushing the dollar.

But that simply raised the question: does all this mean investors are panicked?

Perhaps. But perhaps not.

On the same blog I found a more detailed article by Vincent Fernando called When Everybody Thinks The Economy Is Broken Then It’s About To Be Fixed.

For me, perhaps the most interesting part of this article are the 42 comments. The level of emotion you find in these comments is simply fascinating.

The most thorough analysis can be found in an article in August, also by Vincent Fernando, called Fund Flows Show An Enormous Panic. Check it out.

Rather than tell you what I think, I’m curious: do YOU believe investors are panicked?  Why or why not? How do you know? Please comment below.