It’s rare that history is suspenseful, but today I found a fascinating (and yes, suspenseful) story on the National Museum of American History’s blog called A secret message inside Lincoln’s watch?

It’s about whether or not there really was a secret message in President Lincoln’s 18k gold watch.

Here’s how it starts…

“A hush fell over the room as the watchmaker halted his work. A partially-dismantled pocket watch that once belonged to President Abraham Lincoln gleamed in his hands. He looked up from his task and pushed a visor, fitted with magnifying glasses for detailed work, up onto the top of his head. ‘The moment of truth has come!’ he boomed. I waited, perched on the edge of my seat, for a verdict — was there really a secret message inscribed inside the watch? And if so, what did it say?”

The original theory, reported in the April 30, 1906, issue of the New York Times, was that inside the watch was this message:

“The first gun is fired. Slavery is dead. Thank God we have a President who at least will try.”

Not to spoil a good story, but that was wrong.

I’ll let you find out what Lincoln’s gold watch actually said by checking out the story yourself. But the fact that there was a secret message in Lincoln’s gold watch is exciting. And the best part (for me) is that it’s true.

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Now it’s your turn — what do you think?