As someone who loves gold coins, I certainly “get” collecting.  I love looking for new and old silver and gold coins. And I’m absolutely fascinated by what other people collect.  There is such variety and diversity.

So when I saw this headline — 9 Largest Collections (of Junk?) in the World — there was no way I could pass up reading this post.


Frankly, I’ve never really seen the charm of baseball cards (OK, OK, I’m not a rabid baseball fan) and perhaps I’m also too old to “get” Pokemon. And Silly Bandz???

But I do “get” why people collect Legos — and I will visit the Bellaire Toy and Plastic Brick Museum some day.

But my passion is gold.  So I thought I’d share two records of gold collecting.

The World’s Largest Gold Coin

At the end of June, the world’s largest gold coin was auctioned and sold for about $4 million in Vienna, Austria. That’s about four times its face value. It’s purity is 99.999%.

According to the Purist, this coin was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. It’s a 100kg Queen Elizabeth II gold coin, only one of only five Canadian $1,000,000 Maple Leaf coins the Royal Canadian Mint has produced. It was bought by a Spanish precious metals trading company, Oro Direct.

The Guinness Book of World Records confirms this is the largest gold coin.

On a (much) smaller scale, as you know, I recommend that if you want to buy bullion, you follow my 3 gold rules.

Pyramid Stack of 990 Coins

On a completely different note, if you want to see something fun, you can check out a pyramid of 880 stacked gold coins on the Guinness site. They stand on the edge of a free-standing vertical coin. This happened on November 15, 1995. It crashes at 2:17 seconds into the video.  🙂

What’s your favorite collecting record or story?  Tell us by commenting below.